AmeriPharma Correctional ServicesIn addition to providing exceptional pharmacy and medical supply services to medical institutions and skilled nursing facilities, AmeriPharma is also a correctional pharmacy services provider.
Introducing AmeriPharma Corrections Division
Taking advantage of our expertise, high level of security, and cost-saving strategies in traditional pharmacy services we are able to provide fast, efficient and, most importantly, low cost pharmaceuticals, OTC, IVs, vaccines, medical supplies, commissary and all related supplies to our correctional facility partners.


Reliable Service and Support


Partnering with AmeriPharma as the sole provider of pharmacy solutions for your correctional facility allows your staff to effortlessly place orders by phone, fax or through our advanced online ordering system. With thousands of pharmaceuticals and medical supplies always in stock most orders ship same-day.


Take control of your records with our value-added reports for each inmate. These reports ensure that your facility operates in conformity with all applicable laws and regulations as well as provide additional tools for both cost savings and maintenance of the desirable quality of services.


Additional products and services correctional facilities can benefit from include:NCCHC - DGS


• Formulary implementation and management
• Medication room review services
• Prescription monitoring services
• Educational services
• Online order reconciliation
• Online reporting and paperless MAR
• Consulting services
• Medication carts
• Video library
• Starter packs
• Emergency medication kits
• Policy and procedure manual
• Emergency delivery
• Credit on returns
• Medical literature
• Medical supplies
• Order security