Electronic Medical RecordsElectronic medical records, also referred to as EMRs, are computerized medical records used to store your medical information efficiently and securely while providing easier access to the records.


Although paper-based records are still by far the most common method of recording and storing patient information, the move toward electronic medical records is rapidly growing due to the efficiency and added safety of storing medical records. While paper-based records are stored in file cabinets and are subject to theft, loss or destruction, electronic medical records are always safely stored in multiple computer locations with high security.


EMRs also make it easier for any medical professional to easily read and browse through a patients records enabling them to provide the best care. Handwritten paper medical records are often hard to read and at many times not readily available to the care provider when crucially needed. Electronic medical records solve many known problems while adding an endless amount of uses for the future.


Security of medical records are often a concern for many, but AmeriPharma’s strict compliance with the HIPAA guidelines ensures that your electronic medical records are safe with us.