AmeriPharma is enthusiastic in utilizing the latest pharmaceutical technology solutions available. While many pharmacies consider technology solutions to be storing information on the computer, at AmeriPharma we constantly take advantage of an efficient and optimized management system custom tailored for our workflow.


So while other pharmacies are busy processing paperwork and taking manual orders, the experts at AmeriPharma use their time to listen to customers and provide the world-class service you deserve, all while keeping the costs low.



WebConnect connects the LTC facility to the PrimeCare Pharmacy Management System. Click here to learn more.


Electronic Medical Records


Electronic Medical RecordsBeing committed to providing excellent customer service through technology, we also utilized Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) to ensure patients and medical staff can get safe and easy access to resident records and documentation at the point of care.





DocuTrack & DeliveryTrack


IntegraAmeriPharma utilizes Integra’s DocuTrack and DeliveryTrack software solutions by Integra to process all orders accurately and deliver on time.

Click here to view a short video about DocuTrack & DeliveryTrack.


Packaging Systems


FastPak EXP

FastPakThe FastPakĀ® line of packaging solutions is designed to provide scalable options for virtually any packaging unit dose and/or multi-dose orders.


This cutting edge packaging machine allows us to quickly and accurately create custom packaged pharmaceuticals all while saving nurses 30-40% of their time in passing medications. There is also over 400% less wastage of medications in the facilities by switching to a seven-day compliance package.


Easy and safe, our FastPak EXP Strip packaging is individually tailored to each patient’s prescriptions on a per dose basis. Multiple prescriptions can be combined in a single pack, making taking medication almost fool-proof.


Listed on each pack in the strip is the patient name and the date and exact time the enclosed medication should be taken. With this unique system there is no room for confusion. Patients will know for certain if they have taken the right medication at the right time or if a dose has been missed.



MTS 350

MTS350In addition to the FastPak EXP, we also utilize the MTS 350 as a punch card packaging solution.


The MTS 350 is capable of filling a wide range of medications. It offers a motorized tablet filling system with adjustable speed, automated filling and sealing, consistent quality sealing and low heat levels to preserve medication integrity.


Click here to view a short video about MTS 350.