Ninety percent of U.S. seniors live independently, often receiving health care from multiple providers. Because uncoordinated medications present a significant health risk to this senior population, AmeriPharma developed Senior Health Outcomes (SHO), which coordinates medications for members of managed care organizations, health insurance plans, and employer funded pharmacy benefit plans.



Important Benefits

As with AmeriPharma Services in long term care, SHO pharmacists review each subscriber’s medication regimen for potential problems and opportunities. By working with physicians treating these seniors, SHO pharmacists can help eliminate wasteful and dangerous duplicated therapies and potential negative interactions. They can also recommend therapeutic interchanges, for better, more cost-effective outcomes.



Mission Driven

Senior Health Outcomes is an excellent example of how AmeriPharma looks continually for opportunities to leverage its expertise and resources to benefit seniors. Improved health outcomes for seniors through cost-effective programs and services is the AmeriPharma hallmark.


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